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Prayer for South Africa

1) Our God in heaven, we worship and adore You. Hallowed be your Name in all the earth.  2) We are thankful for the many blessings bestowed on our nation over the last 21 years. We thank you for the constitution of our nation, and the different institutions that strengthen our democracy. We thank you for the rainbow people of our country and their quest to realize the promise of freedom and justice. 3) We celebrate much forward movement made in our nation in different ways over the last 21 years. We celebrate the strengths and talents of the diverse people of this land as they work out what it means to be the South Africa that is just, prosperous and inclusive. 4) We lament the failures of our leaders to live up to their calling to lead with integrity and justice as servants of the people. We lament their betrayal of the hopes of so many of your people who are still to be set free from the bondages of poverty, ignorance and disease. 5) We lament the many signs that point to the fact that ours is a captured state that can no longer be answerable to the people of South Africa. 6) We repent from our high tolerance of rampant corruption in our public institutions, and for allowing evil to triumph on our watch. 7) We pray...

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WEA: Faith and Business

World Economic Forum sees a Greater Role of Faith & Religion (Geneva) In an extraordinary symposium on Oct 31st, the World Economic Forum highlighted the growing importance of faith and religion as one of the global trends that will have a major influence on social developments in the future. Under the theme “Innovating Social Impact”, nearly 30 representatives of influential organizations gathered in Geneva, including large companies such as Nestlé and C&A, as well as non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International and the Red Cross. In addition to representatives of other religious institutions like Islamic Relief, Timo Plutschinski was also invited to join as representative of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). Plutschinski, Director of the WEA Business Coalition and member of the wider WEA Leadership, also referenced the growing “Business as Mission” respectively “Business for Transformation” movement in his address on the function of companies. Depending on the entrepreneur’s intention and purpose, the entrepreneurial activity can also have a spiritual dimension, in addition to its financial, social and environmental function. This topic was linked to previously presented “10 Global Trends”, one of which was the “Greater role of faith and religious culture”. Another theme of the symposium was the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on people and society. In an exponential development of digital-decentralized processes and the fusion of physical, digital and biological spheres, the ethical assessment of...

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WEA News Release: Missions today

October 27, 2016 The 14th Global Consultation of the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission recently took place in Panama, from 3 – 7 October 2016.   Approximately three hundred mission leaders from more than 80 countries participated in the Global Consultation this year, centered around the theme Polycentric Mission: From all nations to all nations.   Speakers included Bertil Ekström, Timothy Halls, Samuel Escobar, Valdir Steuernagel, Samuel Pagan, Mary Lederleitner, Helder Favarin, Patrick Fung, Jehu Hanciles, Duncan Olumbe and Bishop Efraim Tendero. David Ruiz, Samuel Escobar, Ann Marie Kool and John Amalraj facilitated Bible expositions. The inter-cultural worship was led by Josh Davis and Santiago Benavides. Volunteers from PAAM served the Consultation with excellence.   Polycentrism in mission was discussed and experienced in the kaleidoscope of gatherings and the symphony of voices, acknowledging both global and local realities. Roundtables focused on specific missiological issues and regional conversations looked at the milestones of mission history and possible ways forward in unity and cooperation.   The presentations of the speakers can be accessed via the following link:   Two new Mission Commission books were also formally launched during the Consultation. The Church in Mission (editor Bertil Ekström) and Mission in Motion (editors Jay Matenga and Malcom Gold) are now available to order on the William Carey Library website:   The Mission Commission also celebrated the appointment of Rev. David...

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