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Engaging Racism

Author: Moss Ntlha, General Secretary of TEASA The race question in South Africa refuses to go away. In recent times it has surfaced in the public media with some frequency, commanding airtime on radio shows, social media and television, not to mention in the schools and in homes. Some examples: It is like a social ill tormenting our society and for which there appears to be no cure, except perhaps in the gospel and the true Church of Jesus Christ. But there again, there does not appear to be adequate reason to harbour hope. Christian theology has often been used to mask, rather than uncover racism. At worst, it has been used to give theological legitimation to it. For example, some may say that there is only one race, the human race. While we would agree with that in theory, it is clear that that is not the reality, and that racist thoughts, actions and behaviour are still present in many people’s lives. We are particularly concerned that the idea that one person is superior over others because of the colour of their skin is still present in many Christian’s lives, thoughts and behaviour. It is this that needs to be addressed and excorcised in a systematic way. Did we learn anything from the TRC? One of the things that came out at the TRC is that Churches confessed...

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