May 2018 Headlines

Posted by: MN | 11-05-2018 | Article

  • Empowered 21 African Congress. The 16-19th of May will see thousands of African Pentecostal Christians from around the continent descend on Boksburg, just east of Johanneburg. They will gather for a congress that  looks back a hundred years  to the Azusa st reet revivals that birthed them, spawning a global movement that has become a vibrant 300 million strong, according to a Pew Foundation study.  Gathering on the theme of "Living to impact  generations through the power of the Holy of the Spirit", they will explore how, as Jesus said: the Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, for He has anoited Me to preach good news to the poor..." In a continent arguably the poorest in the planet, the congress is a sign of hope that the Christian Church will rise up to the challenge. Hurry to register, if you have not already done so!
  • The Global Outreach Day. The Christian Church was born to be a global movement eversince Jesus issued His solemn commission: "Go into the whole world and preach the gospel.."Mk 16:15.  Christian response to this commission is far less than adequate. Every church and every believer can raise the bar on how they advance the cause of the gospel in th e world. Global Outreach Day is an annual opportunity offered to every believer to share their faith with those who are not followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. It happens on the last Saturday of every year. Be sure to sign up,as a church, individual or home group. 
  • Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Kingdom come is a global prayer movement, which invites Christians around the world to pray between Ascension day 10th May and Pentecost Sunday 20th May for more people to come to know Jesus Christ. What started out as an invitation from the Archbishop of Cantebury and York in 2016 to the Church of England has grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer.
  • Religious Freedom with Resposibility. 23 May2018. In light of the abuses of religion that has sometimes led to serious violations of human rights, the CRL commission has tabled a report in Parliament recommending regulation of churches.  This has been met with resistence from churches. TEASA will host a national consultation of Church leaders to expore alternative remedies to te challenge. Contact