What would Jesus Do in the holy land today?

Posted by: MN | 11-05-2018 | Article

A useful tool Christians often use to sort through tough moral questions is: What would Jesus do? In this year in which the state of Israel celebrates 70 years since the return of the Jewish people to Palestine in 1948 following millenia of exile, Palestinian Christians, along with their non Christian Palestinians are in no celebratory mood. They use the Arabic word  "Nakbar" to describe their experience at the hands of  the state of Israel. It is a word that roughly translates to catastrophe. It suggests that what Israel will celebrate on the 15th May 2018, 70 years to the day of the founding of the state of Israel in 1948, Palestinians have experienced  as a nightmare.  Palestinians survivors of the 1948 grand entry of Zionists Jews tell horror stories, often with tears in their eyes,  of how about 500 of their villages were destroyed by the Israeli Defence Force, determined to clear the land for the return of Jewish people to 'their land' . That started seven decades in  which the land, freedoms and rights of Palestinians were methodically eroded. The worst part for those Palestians descendants of early Christians who have maintained a  Christian presence in the Holy land for over a a thousand years, feel betrayed by Christians, mainly from the west,  who appear convinced that Jesus requires them to turn a blind eye on the atrocities of Israel.  According to those western Christians, Jesus is placed right at the scene of the 'crime' of the land grab in 1948 as a 'fulfillment of prophecy'

But what would Jesus do? 

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